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Are the games fair?

Can I change my registered email address?

How long does it take for my documents to be verified?

What happens if my deposit is not showing?

What is the VIP program?

What documents do I need to verify my account?

What currencies are available?

Are the games fair?

What is a bonus?

How long do deposits take to appear in my account?

What happens if the game freezes whilst I am playing it?

What if an error or technical issue occurred in the casino?

How does SpinBet rakeback work?

How do I find out how much I have left to wager on my bonus?

Can I have multiple accounts?

Are there free-to-play versions of the games?

Forgotten Password?

Are there any minimums and maximums for my deposits and withdrawals?

What is SpinBet?

Is my information safe and secure with SpinBet?

What deposit methods are available?

How do the VIP Program level up rewards work?

How do referrals work?

Does SpinBet have any security bugs?

When do I need to verify my documents before I can withdraw?

How long will it take me to receive my withdrawal?

I want to ban/disable/self-exclude my account?

Are there any other rules with bonuses?

Can I add different currencies to my account?

Are there any rules to withdrawing my balance?

Ofcourse! The return to player (RTP) for each game is created and implemented by each game provider. You can view each game's RTP within the games information screen. 


Here at SpinBet, we want to deliver a level of trust and transparency that's never been seen before when it comes to game fairness. Our online casino games use Random Number Generators (RNG) to completely randomise and make the results unpredictable. SpinBet has third-party auditing and regulatory oversight to ensure our games are working correctly. 


Check our our Help Centre here to find out more!



Changing your registered email address is something we strongly discourage as it opens the ability for account security to be jeopardized.


If changing your email address is required, please send our support team an email via [email protected] from your old email detailing your new address and the reason for change.

We try to get all documents verified as soon as they are received. However, there can sometimes be delays during this process.


 Please feel free to message support to receive updates about your verification process.

You should receive your funds instantly through a fiat deposit. If you have successfully made your deposit and the funds are not in your account, please contact our live support and the team will resolve this issue.


Unfortunately, Crypto currency deposits are a bit different. If you have not received your funds immediately your deposit may not have been confirmed through the blockchain yet or your wallet has not sent the funds. Please contact our live support team if you need assistance resolving this issue.

The SpinBet VIP Program is an exclusive program for our most loyal players. We have designed and specially tailored the program's rewards to not only meet but exceed personal and industry expectations.


At SpinBet, our VIP program has been structured in a tiered and progressive sense allowing players to advance to the next VIP level based on money wagered. In doing so, players increasingly unlock different rewards and higher percentage cashback and rakeback which is in addition to level up bonuses and free spins!


To find out more, simply head to our Help Centre article which expands on the above topic!

To verify your account, players are required to upload proof of identification, address and payment.

Identification can either be a driver's license or a passport. If you are using a New Zealand drivers license, be sure to upload the back in addition to the front as this is where the expiry date is located.

A proof of address document can be any sort of bill, bank statement or contractual agreement that possesses’ your name, address and date of issue. The document has to be dated within 90 days of being submitted.

Proof of payment verification differs depending on the deposit method you have used. All deposit methods that have been used in the last 6 months must be verified for us to verify your account.

  • If you are verifying a bank card, simply upload the front of the card that displays your name, expiry date as well as the first 4 and last 6 digits.
  • If you are verifying a Paysafe voucher, simply upload the receipt that displays merchant, date and 16-digit code.
  • If you are verifying your Skrill account, simply screenshot your account page on the Skrill app - ensure it details your name and email address.

SpinBet currently offers NZD, CAD as fiat options and BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, DOGE, ADA, XRP, BNB, BCH as crypto currency options.

Ofcourse! The return to player (RTP) for each game is created and implemented by each game provider. You can view each game's RTP within the games information screen. 


Here at SpinBet, we want to deliver a level of trust and transparency that's never been seen before when it comes to game fairness. Our online casino games use Random Number Generators (RNG) to completely randomise and make the results unpredictable. SpinBet has third-party auditing and regulatory oversight to ensure our games are working correctly. 


Check our our Help Centre here to find out more!



A bonus is extra money that is added to player's accounts from the casino. The amount of the bonus is dependent on the promotional terms along with player history. When you accept a bonus you must complete the wagering requirements in order to withdraw.


In order to beat the wager requirement, you simply need to place bets. For every dollar wagered/bet, it will go towards beating the wager and withdrawing your winnings!

Fiat currency deposits via bank card, Skrill, Paysafe vouchers and Interac banking are all Instant! In very rare instances, fiat deposits can take a little longer ranging from a few minutes to 24 hours.


If the deposit is taking a little longer than expected, check to see if any money has been debited from your bank account. Generally, if no money has been debited, the deposit will be rejected. If money has come out of your bank account, it will appear within your SpinBet account within the above timeframe.


For cryptocurrencies, this is dependent on how many transactions are waiting currently in the blockchain, however, this should only take a few minutes.


If you experience any issues with the deposit processes please do not hesitate to contact support!

If a game freezes, kicks you out or you simply exit the game during a feature or a bonus buy, there are a few simple steps you should do to safely continue your gameplay.

By reentering the game, your active session should be reactivated and you should be able to continue your feature or bonus buy from.

If you, however, still can't access your feature or a bonus buy, feel free to contact our support team via live chat, and we will do our best to assist you.

Interrupted features and bonuses are not lost in any case, so if you don't access them in the next few days, the game will be settled automatically and bonuses will be played in your absence.

Our database stores and records every bet placed just in case an issue like this occurs. If you believe an issue has occurred please get in contact with one of our lovely support staff via live chat or email and they will be able to assist.


In the case you believe a technical issue has occurred - you should try your best to remember the game, bet size, time and balance at the time in which the error occurred. This will help the team assist and investigate in a punctual and prompt manner.

Rakeback rewards all players with raw cash on every bet placed - win or lose!


The reward of Rakeback cash is based on a percentage of the house edge relative to the sport/casino game in which your bet was placed. The money is instantly applied to your Rakeback every time your bet is placed and can be redeemed whenever you like, as many times as you like. 


The Rakeback cash is wager-free and fully withdrawable!

Simply head to the rewards section of your account! 


Here, you will be able to see how much you have wagered and how much you have to go! Remember, you must beat the wager before the funds are unlocked and the winnings can be withdrawn.


If you can’t seem to find the information, you can simply message the support staff and they will be able to tell you how much you have left to wager.

No, multiple accounts are against our terms and conditions. 


Each player is allowed to create only one personal account.

Yes, Free to play versions of slot games are available on desktop and mobile for the majority of game providers. Unfortunately, this does not include mobiles using iOS. 


To access the free to play version, enter your selected games screen and at the button change the slider from Real Play to Demo.

If you have forgotten your SpinBet account password, the quickest way to reset it is by clicking on the 'Forgot Password?' link. This link is located below the Sign in pop up, and it will direct you to a password reset page. Here, you will be prompted to enter your registered email address, after which you will be sent instructions on how to reset your password.


In the event that you do not receive the email, contacting live chat is the next best option. The customer support team is available to help you with any issues you may encounter while resetting your password.

The minimum and maximum amount for deposit and withdrawal transactions is dependent upon the payment methods used. Each limit listed below is per transaction.


Fiat currency -

Deposit limits: $20 - $10,000 NZD/CAD.

Visa Card and Skrill Withdrawal limits: $20 - $10,000 NZD/CAD

Bank Transfer withdrawal limit: $20 - $30,000 NZD/CAD


Cryptocurrency -

Deposit limit: $30 - $150,000 NZD/CAD

Withdrawal limit: $20 - $150,000 NZD/CAD


It should be noted that SpinBet has a monthly withdrawal limit of $75,000 NZD/CAD. This can however be overruled by the decision of the casino for certain VIP players.

We’re just like anyone else.


Here at SpinBet, our team forms a group of individuals who have all experienced the highs and lows that come with online gambling. Unanimously, we noticed that finding a trustworthy and rewarding platform can be challenging. This is why we, a group of gamblers, created SpinBet – an exciting online casino and sportsbook that we ourselves would want to play on.


If you've been with us since the start, you'll know we've always been focused on what the players want, however - we knew we could go one better. In our endeavor to create a brand new comprehensive platform, we decided to bring Sports betting in to the equation! This, paired with our desire in rewarding all styles of play to the highest generosity, allowed us to form your one stop shop and as such, SpinBet was created.


Lastly, being able to offer our players complete assurance surrounding their withdrawals was an non negotiable for the team. After all, that is exactly what we would want.



Yes, your information is completely secure and safe! 


The SpinBet website runs on SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology and uses the latest anti-fraud techniques to guarantee full security of all your details.

SpinBet offers several deposit methods, most popular being credit cards through VISA & Mastercard.


You can see more payment options available for your country through the cashier pop up or selecting wallet under your player profile button. 


If you are in a country that does not support fiat options, you will only be able to deposit through crypto currency.

SpinBet's upgraded VIP program is even more rewarding than before! Wager your way through the ranks and get instantly rewarded in various ways. Leveling up rewards you with the following:


Cash Reward: The reward amount increases with each tier and is available immediately to withdraw or bet with. Just 'Activate' it in advance and when you level up, you will automatically receive your funds to your wallet.


Increased Free Spin Value: Your free spin value is increased for specifically selected games, to find out more about which games contact our live support.


VIP Host: When you reach Platinum tier you are provided with a dedicated VIP host as a personal point of contact through your preferred means of communication.


To learn more about any of the above rewards and more visit.

SpinBet’s new upgraded referral program allows players to refer an unlimited number of friends through their unique referral link.


To participate in the program, players must share their referral link with their friends. Once a new player signs up for an account using that link, they will be automatically added to the referrer's referral section.


From that point on, whenever the referred player places a bet on SpinBet, the referrer will earn a percentage of their Rakeback as a reward.


To access the referral program, players simply need to log into their SpinBet account and click on the “Refer a Friend” button. From there, they can generate their unique referral link and share it. 


After this, you will be able to see all referred players under your link at the same location. The “Claim All” button will process the referral earnings straight into your wallet for you to bet or withdraw.

No - However, any bugs found that could impact SpinBet or its users will be rewarded duly. Bugs are solely focused around detrimental impacts to the website's security or business.


Please contact our live support immediately to report any bugs.

You should strive to verify your documents as soon as possible. This will alleviate any potential waiting times when the SpinBet team requests account verification prior to processing a withdrawal.


SpinBet has the right to request account verification at any point. It is always better to get it done prior to your first withdrawal.

Withdrawals and receiving your winnings is something we want to offer our complete assurance and transparency towards.


Wait times on receiving your withdrawal are dependent on a couple of factors which include processing times and payment methods. Occasionally, our anti-fraud team will need up to 24 hours to confirm large withdrawals and crosscheck verifying details. Generally however, withdrawals will be processed within an hour of the request being submitted.


For Crypto, Skrill and Visa card withdrawals - the money can take up to 20 minutes to land but usually is instant.


Bank transfer withdrawals generally arrive in your bank account within 2-3 business days. In rare cases, withdrawals may take up to 5 business days.

SpinBet prides itself on being a responsible gambling focused platform.


Players can self exclude or put account limits on their account through the Responsible Gambling tab in your account settings under the Player Profile button.


To remove your self exclusion please contact our live support team, please note the removal of self exclusions is a minimum of 24 hours and can vary between users.


Don't hesitate to contact our fantastic live support team for any assistance with anything responsible gambling related.

Each account may only have one bonus type active at the same time. This means a player can only have 1 Sports Bonus, 1 Casino Bonus, and 1 Free Spins Bonus active at one time.


But don't worry! Any awarded bonuses will be queued as Pending for use after the current active bonus is Redeemed, Expired, or Lost.


Make sure to check read fully through the Bonus Terms & Conditions to learn more!

No, unfortunately you are locked to the fiat currency you select on registration. 

Crypto currency deposits will transfer automatically to this fiat option. Don’t worry though, it won't be forever!

Before a withdrawal is able to be processed, the deposit amount will need to be wagered through at least once. For instance - if you deposit $50, you will have to place 50 dollars worth of bets prior to being able to withdraw. The reason we have to do this is to comply with our license regulations. Please note that this is the same for both cryptocurrencies and Fiat currencies.


You may not withdraw funds that are ‘locked by bonus’. If you have funds that are locked by bonus, this implies that you have a bonus active and must continue to wager in order to beat the bonus requirement. To find out more about wagering and bonus requirements - check out the bonus FAQ or Bonus article within our Help Centre!


All withdrawal requests must be made via the same method in which you deposited to obtain your winnings. Put simply, if you deposit via crypto, you must withdraw via crypto. This sentence rings true for all payment methods except in the case of bank card deposits in which bank transfer withdrawals will be accepted.



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